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School Overview

Labangal National High School was created in 1993. Its success story has been subtly knitted through the concerted efforts of its founder, Mila Eugenio and the commitment and support of the constituents of Barangay Labangal led by Brgy. Capt. Avelino Flores, and DECS officials spearheaded by Hon. Mayor Adelbert Antonino and Hon. Cong. Luwalhati Antonino and other civic-minded individuals.

Throughout its 22 years of service to the public, Labangal National High School was able to initiate the creation of 3 annexes-Paopao High School, Ligaya High SChool and Upper Labay High SChool-under the administration of Mila B. Eugenio, Dr. Luzviminda Loreno, who succeeded Phoebe B. Caysido as school head on the year 2011, has started 5 special programs- Special science class, Special education (SPED) program and the open high school program in 2012 and the Special program for the arts (SPA and Sports (SPS) in 2013. The programs have helped the school in meeting the diverse needs of its clientele. It was during the administration of Marilyn T. Avanceña, the current school head that RA 10533, the law that Institutionalized the K to 12 Curriculum, was approved on May 15, 2013.

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